Three Reasons Commercial Shredding Services Are More Convenient

Whether you run a corporation or a small business, you have legal obligations to your customers and business partners. Among those legal obligations is the safe storage of sensitive information as well as its secure destruction. You can destroy the information yourself, create a department for that specific purpose, or hire professionals who do commercial shredding in Denver. Often, hard drive destruction is included, which provides an addition convenience. When you hire shredding service professionals, you receive peace of mind.

Here are three reasons to consider working with commercial shredding Denver professionals like XpresShred.

Services Provided

Some companies only require basic shredding services like paper and document. In this digital age, you may also require hardware destruction services. In addition to the secure storage and destruction of sensitive information, how hardware is destroyed has its own set of legal requirements. Not only do you have to be mindful of the information stored on them, you also must take the environment into consideration. Not all hardware components are recyclable, so they must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner when you do commercial shredding in Denver.


When you set up a contract for these services with a professional, you do not have to worry about transporting the items that need to be shredded to the company. They can come to you. If you are destroying items in bulk, appropriate transportation arrangements are made for you. If you require these services at a different site or for a smaller bulk, it is all arranged accordingly.

Pre-Scheduled Appointments

Professionals in this field are happy to serve companies of all sizes. To make things simpler for you, appointments can be pre-scheduled. For larger companies, daily pick up may be required. For smaller companies, once a week can be arranged. The goal is to help you stay in compliance and make your life easier!

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