Three Popular Smile Makeover Options

New York smile makeoverHere are three New York Smile makeover options you will love:

1. Cheap and Cheerful Whitening: if your one complaint is discoloured, stained teeth fear not. This is the easiest and most affordable makeover for your smile. You can go from stained and yellowed teeth to brilliantly white sometimes in as little as one appointment. There are a number of options and your dentist will be able to review them with you. Some people can see results in as little as one simple 20 minute appointment, where as others might take a little longer. This is a painless procedure and some dental offices even provide a home kit solution if you are too busy to come in for treatments. You are just a few days away from a white, brilliant smile with this cheap and cheerful smile makeover option.

2. Delightful Dental Veneers/Composites: If your smile has a few more challenges than discolouration, or you have staining that whitening didn’t fix dental veneers and composites can provide the perfect solution for a number of frustrating issues. Whether you have severe staining and discoloration, gaps, misshapen teeth, cracks or chips you can choose either one of these solutions with great results. Veneers are easy to apply and also look wonderfully natural. Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain prepared at a lab and then affixed to your teeth covering up all kinds of imperfections with your smile. Composites are even easier and are complete usually in just one appointment. A composite resin is applied to your teeth to reshape and cover up any issues. They will greatly improve the color as well as the shape of your teeth perfecting a number of cosmetic issues.

3. Royal Crowns and Implants: If money is no object then your best bet is dental crowns or implants. Crowns completely cap your existing teeth forming a seal that is permanent. They look the most natural and will last much longer than composites or veneers. If you have missing teeth a bridge can be used using two crowns to cap existing teeth forming a bridge with a replacement tooth or string of teeth in between. However the piece de resistance for missing teeth is dental implants which are a permanent solution. Posts are inserted into the jaw bone which then affixes permanently forming artificial roots and securing your new teeth permanently into place. Beautiful.

As you can see there are many viable options for your New York smile makeover perfect for any budget.

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