Three Major Advantages Of Having Air Conditioning Contractors in Cape Coral FL Install A Mini-Split System

Has the time arrived for you to have a new air conditioning system installed? If so, you may be tempted to simply have your contractor install the same make and model that you currently have. However, if your current air conditioner is a traditional forced air model, you may want to reconsider that idea. Having Air Conditioning Contractors in Cape Coral FL install a mini-split ductless system instead can bring a few benefits to your household that may make living there more enjoyable. Read on to find out more about these major benefits.

*      Energy-Efficiency: Traditional AC systems can be highly inefficient. This is due to the large amount of ductwork they require, which can become very leaky and, in some cases, cause up to a forty percent energy loss in some homes. However, mini-split systems do not have this issue because there is no ductwork to be concerned about. Therefore, mini-split systems have virtually no energy loss issues, and they can help you lower your utility bills because they use less energy to heat and cool your home.

*      Comfort: In addition to increased efficiency, a mini-split system can also increase the comfort in your home. Traditional central air systems require that everyone in the home have to endure the same temperature level no matter what room they’re in. Alternatively, mini-split ductless systems create zoned comfort. This means that each room will have its own unit that can be controlled according to each person’s individual preferences. Not only does this save energy since you can turn off units in rooms that are not being used, but it can also increase everyone’s comfort level.

*      Quiet: With all of the rattling ductwork inside of the home, traditional air conditioning systems can be very noisy. One of the best things about having a mini-split system installed by Air Conditioning Contractors in Cape Coral FL is that they can help you solve this problem. Because the part of the system that makes the most noise is installed outside and away from the home, homeowners can look forward to having a much quieter system when they turn it on.

While forced air systems can be great, mini-split systems have the potential to change your home’s environment for the better.

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