Three Desirable Safety Features for Storage Services in York, PA

Storage units can be perfect solutions for those looking to free up space in a yard or garage because they provide a place to store extra vehicles. Storage units are also great choices for storing excess office equipment and furniture long-term or for temporarily housing office items during a move. Because these items are valuable, it is important to choose a storage facility that is safe and secure. Three desirable safety features for storage services in York, PA are a fully fenced perimeter, well-lit property, and unique gate codes.

Fully Fenced Perimeter

One important safety feature for any storage facility is to have a fence surrounding the storage units and the entire property. By having a fully fenced perimeter, it is certain that only people who are currently renting storage units have access to the property. A fence with a gate can serve to keep potential thieves off of the property.

Well-Lit Property

A second important safety feature for a storage facility is to make sure the entire property is well lit. This is especially for those who desire to access their storage unit at night. Having a well-lit property ensures that customers can feel comfortable and see properly at night. Bright lights will also deter potential thieves because they realize they would be easily spotted and identified.

Unique Gate Codes

A third important safety feature for any storage service is to provide a unique gate code to every customer. Having gated access is a must so only current renters can access the facility. By taking it a step further and providing a unique gate code to every customer, the management of the storage facility can determine who is accessing the facility at any given time.

Trust A Better Rate Storage for commercial and vehicle storage services in York, PA. The storage facility provides a safe place for storing cars and boats as well as office furniture and equipment. The perimeter is fully fenced, the property is well lit, and each customer has a unique gate code. A large selection of storage unit sizes are available, and prices are reasonable and competitive. The units are perfect for short-term or long-term storage.

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