Three Advantages to Renting One of Our Phoenix Rental Homes

The Phoenix area attracts new residents every year who need to find homes in the area for themselves and their families. It can be an expensive place to live and many families would rather rent a house because they don’t have to put thousands of dollars on the line as they do when buying a home. They only need to the monthly rental fee and the necessary deposit amount when they rent.

Finding Phoenix rental homes is easy to do when you work with Simply Property Management as we have dozens of clients that list their rental properties with us. We specialize in single-family homes, so we can find the right listing to meet your needs. There are many advantages to renting a home in Phoenix, including:

* It is easier to maintain a budget.
* It offers more flexibility than ownership.
* You’re less likely to lose money.

Budget Maintenance

When you rent one of our clients’ rental homes, your monthly budget is easier to predict. You know what you will pay in rent each month and you won’t have to worry about the same surprises that homeowners do, such as having to replace a broken appliance or needing to call out a plumber for an emergency. If you do need repairs to your rental home, you just have to call our property management company and we will dispatch our maintenance crew as soon as we can.

More Flexible Than Ownership

If you are new to the Phoenix area or have just gotten married and want to live in a house, renting is a good option because it allows more flexibility than buying a home. If you don’t like the area you’re living in, when your lease is up, you can find a home in a different part of town and move much easier than you could if you bought a house. We offer homes all over Phoenix, so if you do wish to move after your initial lease has terminated, we can find another rental to suit your needs.

Less Likely to Lose Money

When the housing bust came, many homeowners found themselves with upside down mortgages because the value of their home decreased. When you rent a house with Simply Property Management, you won’t ever have to worry about losing equity in a house. Your money isn’t on the line because you are just renting. You pay the same amount every month and, as long as you take care of the house, you will get your deposit back when you do move.

We manage Phoenix rental homes throughout the Phoenix area and we can help you find one in which you will enjoy living until you decide whether to buy a house of your own.

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