Thoughtful Gift Basket ideas in Phoenix

Pecans are a type of fruit (often mistaken to be a nut) with a single pit surrounded by a shell and a husk. The edible part of the pecan is called the seed and has a natural buttery taste. This part is often eaten as is or flavored with a wide variety of ingredients. Unroasted and unsalted pecans have been deemed “heart healthy” by the American Heart Association because, through extensive studies, have been found to: prevent coronary heart disease and they help to lower blood cholesterol. Pecans have also been certified to contain more than nineteen vitamins and minerals while contributing to the daily recommended value of fiber.
Pecan trees can grow and produce on their own in hot and humid areas without much manipulation. However, growers that carefully ensure the proper soil, pruning and proper manipulation of their pecan trees know that mid-October marks the perfect harvest time for pecans. In a perfect pecan growing area, such as Phoenix, you can share the love of pecans through various Gift Basket ideas in Phoenix from the largest irrigated and integrated pecan orchard in the world at website domain. Located in the Santa Cruz River Valley of the southern Arizona area, this pecan farm has everything you need to make your gift idea the star of the show.
You can purchase whole or halved pecans, shelled or unshelled pecans, plain or flavored pecans and even ground or pecan pieces. Pecans are so viable that you can use them to turn any dish (cakes, pies, casseroles, candy, bread and pancakes) into a masterpiece. If you are not keen on your own baking skills, you can still share that happiness in premade gift basket ideas in Phoenix AZ from the Some of the premade ideas that are sure to be a hit with the person you are giving it to include: butter pecan coffee, pecan syrup, pecan habanero barbeque sauce and pecan fudge. You can also try the popular pecan camelbacks (chocolate covered caramel pecans) that come in three bold flavors: milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Be sure to request a free catalog to see all the other products and register your email for specials, discounts, coupons and notification of new items added to the menu. Feel free to place your order online and have it delivered with beautiful packaging, quick delivery and excellent customer service.

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