Thinking Outside of the Box With Gift Basket Ideas in Tucson

Of all the many kinds of nuts Americans are fortunate enough to have easy access to, the pecan is one of the most distinctive and delicious. So flavorful and interesting that whole dishes are built around it, the pecan has long been an important part of the well-loved cuisine of the South.

It is also an important part of the economy of Arizona, something that relatively few people are aware of. In fact, the southern parts of Arizona make a great setting for growing pecans, with everything but the necessary water being easy to come by. As resourceful farmers have figured out how to obtain more of that scarce commodity, pecan growing has become even more common in the area.

That means that one of the best gift basket ideas in Tucson for those who want to send something distinctive is one containing a supply of pecans and pecan-based products. At the Green Valley Pecan Company Store, for example, residents of the Old Pueblo and nearby cities can easily pick up gifts that say something interesting about Arizona while also delighting the palates of those who receive them.

Those who Click here will find that there is plenty to be had even for gift recipients who are not especially fond of sweets. Although they are probably most often used in desserts and the like, pecans also make a great base for dishes of a more savory kind. With a bit of natural, subtle sweetness of their own, they can be spruced up with salt, chili pepper, or other seasonings in ways that make them a great between-meal snack.

While residents might think first of things like hot sauce and cactus fruit when it comes to gift basket ideas in Tucson, the pecan is an excellent option, too. As growers in the state boost their output levels even further, Arizona is becoming known around the country as a prime source of the beloved nut. Even Southerners who take great pride in their own pecan farms, it turns out, are coming to recognize just how much Arizona has to offer in this respect.

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