Thinking About Outsourcing Medical Billing Services? India May Offer a Solution

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Financial Services

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of healthcare providers who have opted to take the route of outsourcing medical billing services. India is one place in the world that frequently offers such services to practices in countries like the United States. Continue reading to learn a few warning signs that it’s time to outsource, and why an Indian company could help meet your goals.

A Constantly High Rate of Errors

Every time your medical office has to deal with an error related to a claim or patient bill, it costs money and makes your facility less productive. If mistakes are still being made despite your best efforts to avoid them, that’s a strong indicator it’s time to look into outsourcing medical billing services. India has some companies that can provide flexible packages of services. Whether you’d like them to handle a few specifics, or everything related to bills, it’s easy to find a suitable solution. Some even guarantee to help you cut costs.

Time Taken Away From Patient Care

Although most medical offices usually have a dedicated administrative staff, that often doesn’t remove the burden from physicians and other people who characteristically engage in patient care.

When doctors have to spend more time at the office trying to take care of financial headaches, that’s another good reason to explore the advantages of outsourcing medical billing services. India-based teams are trained to stay updated on current legislation in the medical industry, so you can rest assured they’ll be compliant with HIPAA and have a complete understanding of industry developments.

Limited Resources to Train Staff

If you don’t want to build extra time in your schedule and find money to cover the costs of training for your in-house administrative staff, decide to focus your attention on outsourcing medical billing services. India is home to specialists who will already be well versed in the latest codes and protocols, meaning you won’t have to accommodate for downtime and figure out how to afford training as people in your office struggle to get educated and stay up-to-date.

There are clearly many reasons to consider working with an outsourced team, especially if bills and the related procedures have compromised your ability to fully serve patients. Keep the information above in mind if you’re thinking about making the transition.

If you’re ready to move forward with outsourcing medical billing services, India specialists from DPro Technologies can meet your needs. With over a decade of experience, the company can help you reduce costs and resolve claims quickly.

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