Things To Research Before Shopping At Used Car Dealerships

Shopping at a car dealership in Philadelphia with a used car lot provides an excellent opportunity to consider options in new and pre-owned vehicles. It allows the car buyer the greatest freedom to consider different makes and models or to compare this year’s models with slightly older certified pre-owned or used vehicles.

There are a few things a vehicle shopper can do before heading out to used car dealerships in the area. Thanks to information readily available online, buyers can do a lot of research and get to know the various features available on new and used models.

Consider Safety and Driver-Assist Features

Two of the most rapidly evolving components of any vehicle line are the options in safety and driver-assist features. Newer models tend to include more features in the base model trim levels than those of even a few years ago.

However, depending on the upgrades the original owner purchased, there may be very little difference between the new model and one that is a few years older. In these cases, the price is the big difference.

Pricing Considerations

Before heading out to used car dealerships in the Philadelphia area, be sure to compare prices. Used vehicles of all makes and models can be found on any given dealership lot. However, dealerships can only sell their own models when it comes to certified pre-owned vehicles.


To save time and frustration, it is a good idea to call ahead to used car dealerships if you find a vehicle you want to test drive. This allows you to verify it is still available, avoiding a wasted trip if it is sold.

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