Things to Know Before You Adopt a Family Member in Lake Havasu City

by | Dec 21, 2023 | Law Firm

When a minor in your family risks becoming a ward of the state due to complicated situations in the home, you may decide to step up and become an adopted parent to the minor. However, adopting a family member has long-lasting consequences you need to consider before you sign the paperwork with your skilled adoption attorney in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Here are some things to know before you adopt a family member.

You Become Legally Responsible for the Child

Adopting a child means that you will be entirely responsible for the care of your adopted child, including their education, medical care, and financial support. If you fail to properly care for the child, it can result in legal consequences.

The Parents Must Forego Their Parental Rights

When you adopt a child, the child’s biological parents will no longer have parental rights. Unfortunately, you may face backlash from the biological parents for assuming a parental role over their child. It can lead to resentful feelings. Furthermore, the biological parents may refuse to cooperate, which can make the process more complicated. You need to think long and hard about how the situation will impact your relationship with the biological parents as well as the child’s relationship with their biological parents.

Children May Have Complicated Feelings About the Situation

If your adopted child experiences trauma, it can lead to rebellious behavior or mental disorders. You will have the responsibility to take them to therapy and establish boundaries, which may be a challenging task.

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