Things to Know About Employer-Mandated Drug Testing in Anderson, OH

Decades ago, it was unheard of for employers to require Drug Testing in Anderson OH for job candidates unless those individuals would be working in a position with certain safety risks. In the 1980s, drug testing began becoming a standard policy among many organizations, even for people who would have desk jobs. Controversy and debate continue about the acceptability and usefulness of this practice, but it doesn’t appear to be disappearing anytime soon. In 2016, around 40 percent of job applicants are required to be tested by submitting a urine sample.

The most common drug residue found in these tests is marijuana. That finding is problematic, however, because the residue of this particular drug stays in a person’s system for many days, or even weeks, after indulging. In addition, the trend is for states to make marijuana legal for recreational purposes, leaving employers to wonder whether finding evidence of its usage really matters unless the worker operates potentially hazardous equipment or has a construction or road work job that poses certain safety risks. Some organizations simply prefer a workforce that does not use mind-altering substances aside from the occasional glass of alcohol.

People generally understand why a company wants employees like truck drivers, forklift drivers, and heavy equipment operators to have random Drug Testing in Anderson OH. If they try to work under the influence of mind-altering substances, they are at greater risk of causing an accident and their reaction times may be much slower. Their judgment is likely to be impaired.

Employees who must submit to these tests usually have no problem with the requirement. They don’t want any of the co-workers to be a danger on the road or in the workplace. Machine operators, construction workers, and others working in possibly hazardous environments need to accept what they may consider an intrusion on their privacy to make sure all employees, clients, and customers are assured of safety. Employers can set up drug testing for job applicants or random routine testing for current employees at a clinic such as Eastside Urgent Care. Please visit the website for more information on this particular facility.

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