Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Bathroom Tile in Renton, WA

by | Apr 19, 2014 | Countertop Store

Bathroom tile in Renton, WA can range from strictly utilitarian designs to highly luxurious ones. It can be tempting to go with something like plain white tile in this room, but that’s actually a mistake. You’ll visit the bathroom several times a day, and will likely spend at least 1/2-hour there just getting ready to go out of your house! What you see for a prolonged period of time will affect your mood and can make you feel as ready as you end up looking – or it can do the opposite. Therefore, you should never skimp on the decor in this room.

Since a bathroom floor doesn’t have to withstand heavy foot traffic, you have more options for its tiles than you would in an area like your kitchen. Some of these options are shocking! Imagine having a bathroom floor that looks like polished hardwood, but that will be immune to the high moisture levels of the room and any post-shower puddling. This is possible with wood-look porcelain tiles that excellently imitate the appearance of a hardwood floor.

The one thing you should keep in mind is that a bathroom floor should have enough friction to prevent slipping. This can be accomplished with smooth tiles if they’re no bigger than 4″x4″ since the grout lines between the tiles will add a non-skid effect. For smooth tiles that are larger than that, you should add a layer of an invisible non-slip coating like InvisaTread. An even better alternative is to choose materials that are naturally non-slip. Many types of bathroom tile in Renton, WA are made with textured surfaces that create this effect.

The floor isn’t the only place you’ll use bathroom tile in Renton, WA. Shower stalls can also have tiled floors, and combined with glass doors, they can look very luxurious. Tile is also commonly used on the lower parts of bathroom walls and for the backsplash behind the counter. It’s important to carefully consider backsplash tile, because it will look wrong if it doesn’t properly complement the countertop. Bathroom wall tile is also subject to this effect. Therefore, you should keep in mind that changing one element will mean changing all of them. Remodeling your entire bathroom at once will allow you to avoid design problems.

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