Things To Do Outside Your Upper East Side Apartment

For some, the condo building itself is where it’s at, and they will spend hours meticulously looking for the right one. However, more and more people are searching for condos or apartments that offer a lot to do outside the building. Whether you want to stay active or just want to see the sights, you’ll want to ensure there are plenty of things to do outside of your Upper East Side apartment.

Central Park

If you enjoy the outdoors and its serenity, you’ll love being close to Central Park with its Great Lawn, running paths, skating rink, reservoir, zoo and ball fields. You’ll always have something fun to do.


Whether you have a hankering for French, American, Asian, vegan, steak or sushi, you’ll be able to find it near to your place of residence. Many of these restaurants may also deliver right to your door, so you’ll want to check that out and ask around.


For those who have children in school, education is going to be an important decision factor. You don’t want to live in a place where the school system is inadequate, so you’ll want to consider excellent schools and various programs of study.

Museum of Art

For those who love art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met for short) is the place to go. Try to find a living space a few blocks away, so you can set out and walk the short distance to their renowned exhibits.


For those that love shopping, you’ll find many choices, from book to antiques. Whether you are in need of a good tailor or want to get your children some new clothes from a posh boutique, you’ll be able to find it quickly and within a few blocks of where you live.


The East River Esplanade is the perfect waterfront escape for those who enjoy being near the water. Water can be calming, and the Esplanade also offers basketball courts, a bike path, running track, and exercise areas.

Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum offers contemporary and modern art and is located within walking distance to many posh apartment buildings in Manhattan.

Carl Schurz Park

Whether you have a private park in your condo or not, you’ll want to consider the Carl Schurz Park, which offers beautiful gardens near the Esplanade. It also offers a beautiful river view, as well as dog runs and hockey rinks.

For those wanting an Upper East Side apartment, you’ll likely find so much to do outside of it, you may never be home. Visit Carnegie Park today to learn more about what’s available to purchase or where you can go for fun.

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