Things to Consider Before Investing in a Bathroom Renovation

A bath remodel is not a small endeavor. Prior to tearing up the tiles in your bathroom and selecting an all new tub, you should be sure that you have considered all of the impacting factors of this renovation. Using tips and tricks from professional contractors, will help you make the right decisions regarding your Bath Remodel project in Rockville.

The Flooring

If you want to purchase an easy, low maintenance type of flooring, then you should opt for a glazed or porcelain tile and try to avoid any type of natural stone such as limestone. Unless these types of surfaces are sealed properly, they will absorb all types of spills and drips, which will make them stain over time.

If you desire a non-slip floor then you should select a tile that features a textured surface, or that has matte finishes. Another option is to select smaller tiles, which will create more grout lines and therefore be much more slip resistant.

Choosing the Caulk

When you are selecting a caulk, it is a good idea to opt for an acrylic formula or a hybrid formula in order to remove it without the harsh chemicals that are typically required. You should also ensure that the caulk you decide to use includes a mildewcide, which will provide protection for up to five years, and in some cases even longer.

Consider Accessory Heights

There are no specific requirements or rules when it comes to how high you should hand robe hooks and towel bars. Designers for your bathroom remodel project will likely use the standard dimensions as a starting off point. You need to make decisions regarding where you want to place certain things early in the process so that you are able to have the bathroom accessories in locations that are convenient and accessible for you.

Ensure You have Plenty of Storage and Work Space

You need to ensure that your bathroom is designed for your specific needs. For example, if you need lots of counter space to get ready in the morning you need to ensure the design you select accommodates this. However, if you need lots of storage space, you should ensure that additional cabinets and drawers are installed.

With this information you can design an efficient and well-thought-out bathroom space that you are sure to love many years down the road.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to your Bath Remodel Rockville project. Check out the American Bath Inc. website for more information about the services that are available.

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