There are Stylish Steel Carports Available at a Fraction of the Cost of a Garage that will Protect Your Automobile.

There are times when building a garage to protect your vehicle is not possible. Perhaps you lack the space or the finances to build one. Maybe you need a semi-permanent solution that can be installed and later moved to a different location. Whatever the reason, steel carports can provide the perfect solution. Built from steel, they are strong and long lasting providing your automobile protection from the elements. The come in a variety of sizes ranging from single vehicles for the small spaces, to carports that will house two vehicles side-by-side. Stylish and economical they offer a viable solution to your car storage needs.

When your parking areas are limited in size, preventing you from building a full sized garage, steel carports can be small enough to cover one vehicle. Your car or truck will be protected from the scorching sun, pouring rains or falling snow. There are models available with polycarbonate roof panels that are curved and stylish. Modern in appearance, they allow the light through, but still provide shade keeping your car cooler in the summer months. Strong and durable, they can be fastened permanently in the location you install them or disassembled easily and moved to another location.

Designed to be assembled by two people with little or no experience, the carports have been created with the customer in mind. It is easy to assemble with its bolt-together design and rubber coated self drilling screws. The heavy duty stainless steel frames are sturdy, rust resistant and attractive. Most of the carports come in two boxes with a total weight ranging from 270 lbs to 2200 lbs, depending on the size of the structure you are interested in. They will be delivered to your home or business via motor freight.

At they have a wide range of steel carports for sale, and most are available with free shipping. They are versatile, attractive and reasonably priced. Not limited to vehicle storage, you can cover an outdoor living space, create a picnic area that is protected from the elements, or install one poolside creating a shaded area. When you need an area to be protected from the weather, steel carports just might be the answer you are looking for.


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