The Work of an Oak Grove, KY Towing Service in a Civil Car Theft Case

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Towing Service

Sometimes vehicle theft is done because of vengeful feelings. For example, a man might steal his girlfriend’s car after discovering she cheated on him. His intention is to crash the car while making sure nobody gets hurt. The legalities in these circumstances are complex, but one thing is certain. The car must be towed home or to a repair garage. A 24 hour towing service in Oak Grove KY will do the job at any time of day.

A Civil Matter

Police aren’t always willing to become involved in this kind of situation, as they may view it as a civil matter or a domestic dispute. That’s especially likely if the owner admits the boyfriend had previously received permission to use the car.

In a criminal case, the police would have the vehicle towed. Crashed stolen cars are often recovered after a joyride or having been used to commit another crime, such as robbing a store. In this instance, the owner needs a 24 hour towing service in Oak Grove, KY.

The Level of Damage

The level of damage to the car depends on how the driver behaved. If he was trying to avoid injury, he might have driven it into a wall or utility pole at a relatively low speed. Someone feeling a lot more reckless, or acting under the influence of alcohol, may have caused more serious damage. The car could have hit a tree traveling at highway speeds, and the driver might be in the hospital.

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