The Wondrous Job of Being an API Developer

How surprised would you be to find out that API is something that keeps many things on this world just going, and that the API developer is somebody you should be thankful a lot!

Is API Bit Mysterious?

API, standing for Application Program Interface, might be an abbreviation that you have probably heard or read many times, on the internet, at work, among your IT skilled friends so on and so forth. However, if you are not into IT, and if you are into other business filed, chances are you have probably never managed to pin down the exact meaning of this word.

What’s API & Why it is Important?

You and your business are connected on a day to day basis across multiple numbers of apps and software bits. The API is like the glue of all things. It’s the thing that helps your data communicate with the software. Without it, web developers and engineers will suffer from maintenance of too much of a technical work.

Hopefully, this was human enough translation of what is API!

The Challenges of the API Developer

Strong API developer, for instance, will work on an API that enables a shipping company to exchange information with major postal services, the US post service for one. Or, if you ever wonder how you get the instant data about a specific product on eBay, just remember that there is an API developer (or a whole team) behind who had done an excellent job.

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