The Wonderful Sounds of a Burning WoodWick Fireside Candle

Everyone wants a cozy fireplace in their home where they can sit and have a nice evening with a cup of hot chocolate. If you do not have a fireplace, you can still enjoy the wonderful sound of a crackling fire with a WoodWick Fireside candle.

WoodWick Fireside Candles

The wicks of WoodWick Fireside candles are made with of natural wood which crackles and pops as it burns. In addition, the flame of the WoodWick Fireside candle will dance just like the flames in a fireplace.

WoodWick candles are made of soy wax instead of the traditional paraffin wax which makes the candles non-toxic and allows them to burn cleaner. In addition, the unique soy wax blend allows the candles to burn much longer than other candles. The candle will burn until it reaches about half an inch from the bottom. It will then self-extinguish. Of course, users should follow all safety measures for any type of candle.


WoodWick Fireside candles come in a variety of wonderful scents. Many scents are seasonal, but there are some that are available all year long.


If you need a housewarming, birthday, or anniversary gift, then consider a WoodWick Fireside candle. Each candle comes in a beautiful and stylish glass jar. These candles make great gifts for just about anyone. Recipients love the soothing sounds of the crackles and pops and the fragrances that last a long time.


WoodWick recommends burning their candles for three to four hours at a time. By allowing the candle to burn for longer, the wax melts evenly across the surface. These candles total burn time is longer than most candles at 180 hours per candle.

Candles have been a popular item to use when decorating for a long time. Everyone loves them and always buy more.

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