The Value of Multiple Compartment Sinks

If you are in the food and beverage business, you must meet numerous requirements, codes and regulations regarding safety and cleanliness. One such requirement by most health departments requires food and beverage vendors to have a 3 compartment sink for washing, rinsing and sanitizing dishes, glasses and utensils. Other businesses or locations may simply want a sink with multiple compartments to make hand washing more convenient for consumers. For new or small business owners, these sanitation requirements may seem daunting, but it need not be a hindrance, even if water is not readily available. In many cases, food and drink merchants can benefit from a portable 3 compartment sink.

Basic Equipment

Anyone in the business of serving food and drinks to the public must meet regulations and codes for sanitation and hygiene in the interest of public safety, and sinks with multiple compartments are necessary equipment in order for business owners to meet these legal requirements. However, in cases of new businesses or small operations, or any other type of circumstance that requires speedy and easy legal operation, a portable 3 compartment sink can help business owners meet all codes and regulations quickly and easily, wherever they are. However, as each state, county and even city have specific regulations in place, business owners should know their local requirements and all other codes to ensure they comply with them all.

Beyond the Basics

Some businesses or locations may choose a portable 3 compartment sink to offer multiple hand washing stations for the utmost convenience of their customers and the public. Such portable sinks have built-in soap dispensers and built-in heaters for quick hot water washes.

About Portable Sinks

A modern portable 3 compartment sink is a boon to business owners. Made of durable materials, many models are designed with a water pump that is powered simply by a standard 110-volt outlet for the utmost in convenience. Vendors do not even have to worry about water lines or drain pipes or hoses with these high-tech washing stations. These multiple sink systems are designed with heaters for hot water. Sinks with multiple compartments are designed to meet regulations, though business owners must also know all local sanitation codes.

Sinks with multiple compartments are not just a convenience for today’s food and beverage vendors. In fact, they are legally required for thorough cleaning, rinsing and sanitizing of dishes, glasses, cups and utensils. A portable 3 compartment sink is a great way for vendors to quickly set up a cleaning station. For small or new businesses, a portable 3 compartment sink can get them up and running, even if resources are limited.

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