The Use Of Fluid Collection Bags In Medical Treatment

In medical treatment options today there are more options for doctors and patients for the immediate types of care for acute conditions or long-term care for chronic conditions.

In both types of treatment options, fluid collection bags may be required for patients. These bags have changed dramatically over the years and have become more durable, more reliable and more functional, allowing patients to feel less constrained with the need to rely on bags for collection of body waste and fluids. Additionally, the medical profession may use these bags for the collection of surgery specimen collections, another important aspect of patient diagnosis.

Custom Designs

Companies working on supplies for patients in need of fluid collection bags for colostomies, bladder drainage or other types of fluid collection or drainage bags often turn to specialized film and fabric welding companies.

These companies are able to work with specific types of materials, such as medical grade vinyl, DEHP free vinyl, latex free vinyl and other specialized types of films to create just the collection bags required. For many medical uses there will be a need for the bags to be single use but still puncture resistant and antimicrobial, and they will also need to be resistant to any type of chemicals that may be used in medical environments.

Specialized Considerations

It will be essential to have fluid collection bags that are able to measure the amount of fluid collected, so they will need to be tested to be 100% accurate as well as easy to read. This may include designing the features and information on the bag to be easily to read based on the patient position with regards to the collection device. Patient instructions for use may also need to be included on the bag, and this will all come into the design phase of the new product.

The bags may also need to be tested with regards to the actual strength of the bag, the inflation and burst strength testing, and testing as to the durability of the bag in different environments. It may also be essential to develop hardware attachments or valves and tubes that can be automatically inserted into the bag and sealed, providing a complete system that is ready for use by the patient or medical professional.

For companies designing and developing this type of specialized medical equipment, working with a film and fabric welding company that has experience in the industry as that is ISO 9001 registered is typically a priority.

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