The Three Types Of Dump Trailers

by | Jun 26, 2015 | Transportation and Logistics

When you are working with dump trailers, you need to have knowledge of the three different types of dump trailers. You cannot purchase one if you do not know the difference between end, belly, and Side Dump Trailers. For your job, you require a dump trailer that helps you perform your work more efficiently than before.

If you end up selecting the wrong type of dump trailer for the job such as using end dump trailers when you should have used side dump trailers, completing the job with ease will not be possible.

Since your job may consist of loading and unloading different kinds of materials, settling on one type of dump truck will be a disadvantage to you. To help you make the right decision about the dump truck you should be utilizing in your work, here are the three different types of dump trucks; End, Belly, and Side dump trailers:

1. End Dump Trailers

End dump trailers are similar to a regular dump truck with some minor differences that set it apart from it. You can carry more materials in end dump trailers, without worrying about the truck tipping. Since the trailer is lower to the surface and has the tandem component of a bigger truck, the materials will not touch the top of the truck. When handling the truck, operators should be careful, as the materials are unloaded from the rear.

The downside to a rear unloads design for operators is the hassle to unload materials from it. For this reason, operators request the company they contracted to provide them with an end dump trailer to equip it with live beds, which are conveyor belts.

2. Belly Dump Trailers

Belly dump trailers can unload materials into piles, containers, and even while it is on a move. Unlike the end dump trailers, unloading materials from belly dump trailers is more efficiently done.

3. Side Dump Trailers

Side dump trailers offer operators with two major benefits. One being that the bed lifts materials on its width instead of its length, meaning the operator can lift it up to ninety degrees or more to take out the materials from its side. The other benefit of using side dump trailers is that due to its ability to take out materials from its side, it provides useful for operators that want to spread the materials while driving it. Operators that carry wet loads will be able to carry out their job more productively using side dump trailers.

Consider the type of trailer that will help your operators perform their job more efficiently than before.

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