The Story Behind Those Orange Safety Cones

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Business Services

Have you ever driven down the road only to encounter a construction site where parts of the road are blocked off, or taken a walk downtown only to encounter cones across the sidewalk forcing you to cross the street? Those orange safety cones are used to warn drivers and pedestrians of the dangers on the road. These cones allow drivers as well as pedestrians to be aware of any hazardous situation. Safety traffic cones are used all over the country. The cones can be reflective or non-reflective. The reflective ones allow drivers to see the cones in the dark as there is a reflective strip on the cone.

The non-reflective as well as reflective safety cones are assembled from an all vinyl construction assuring durability and flexibility in every weather condition. Cones have a long-lasting fluorescent color so they are noticeable during the day and at night. The cones have a high density base that optimizes a low center of gravity allowing maximum stability. The one-piece construction all PVC cone is constructed with a black PVC base and a pink underliner PVC. The ultraviolet stabilized color provides for a maximum fading resistance. Stenciling, reflective colors and flag adapters are available for special orders. The cones are also PVC-UC stabilized.

Safety cones can be used in other situations as well. Drivers carry these cones in the trunk of the vehicle so as to warn other drivers of a break down or an accident. By placing the cones in front of and in back of the vehicle that has broken down, other drivers are made aware of the situation ahead. Safety cones are visible for up to 1,000 feet.

The safety cones allow  as well as the individual driver to protect work areas and vehicles that have become disabled or in an accident. Using safety cones to protect a work area or disabled vehicle keeps construction workers, pedestrians and drivers safe from oncoming traffic and unpleasant accidents. The rugged construction of the cones allow for durability in all kinds of weather. Being aware of safety cones along the road and slowing down when the cones are spotted will make for a safer adventure.

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