The Steps to Housebreak Your Cat

If you’re like every other cat lover, you want the best for your pet. This includes teaching your feline friend to use a litter box. It makes no sense to raise a cat from a kitten to its old age without teaching it this important step. Doing so also keeps your home in pristine condition by eliminating mess and odors. It’s important to start training your cat as soon as you bring him or her home. Use these steps to get the most success with your housebreaking efforts.

Don’t Stress Out Your Kitten

Kitties are cute, but they are also too young to understand some things. You may have tried to housebreak your kitten only to fail. This is perfectly normal. Kittens take longer to potty train than older cats. This is due to their inability to understand instructions at such a young age. It’s perfectly fine to try to housebreak your kitten, just don’t overdo it. Give the young cat some time to adjust and learn on its own.

Keep the Litter Box Handy

At first, a cat may want to go outside to use the bathroom. This is not abnormal behavior. Cats are instinctively drawn to doing their business outside. You can help the housebreaking process along by placing the litter box next to the door. Cats, through their intelligent nature, will soon associate the litter box with potty activities. This can make it easier to transition them into using the box. Make sure you shop Tidy Cat Breeze litter pads before you start introducing the litter box.

Take It Outside

The final step involves taking the litter box to the outside of the home. A backyard is a good place to do this. You want your cat to investigate the box on its own terms. This will make it feel more comfortable when duty calls. After you see the cat using the box on a regular basis, move it to a new location. You can even bring it inside the home. The cat will start to look for the box every time the needs arises. All you have to do is shop Tidy Cat Breeze litter pads.

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