The Sludge Dewatering Container – Providing Efficiency and Cost Savings

Waste is something that companies need to dispose of in an effective manner. This is an essential task that cannot be avoided. The way in which this can be done efficiently is through the use of a sludge dewatering box, otherwise called a dewatering container.

These containers provide an efficient and economical method for dewatering sludge that can often develop in a septic tank system.

How the Container Works
These containers work by separating the sludge from the water. The water in the box is drained downward by the means of gravity through a filter screen at the bottom. The water which has been separated from the sludge in the box exits through an opening below, completing the separation process.

Parts of the Dewatering Container
Many dewatering containers consist of the same general design. However, some of them have may be made of different materials such as paper or stainless steel. Paper filters may be offered in either rayon or polyethylene.

Additional parts and add-ons of a dewatering box may include:
Air operated diaphragm
Lifting hooks
Various colors

There are various benefits associated with the use of a dewatering container or box. To begin with, these containers lessen the volume of disposal waste that needs to be transported – they allow companies to manage and dispose of their own waste. Dewatering boxes remove suspended solids from the sludge and water mixture which translates into a lower suspended solids level. With these containers, wastewater can be eliminated in the city sewer with the solid waste transported to a landfill.

A dewatering box may also serve as a source of revenue and profit for an organization. With a dewatering box, a business or organization may not only handle its own waste water, but also the waste of other companies and organizations.

An Efficient Solution
For companies that deal with liquid waste on a routine basis, a dewatering container provides the perfect solution to not only handle sludge waste efficiently, but also the opportunity to benefit financially.

If you are such an organization, then consider the cost saving benefit mentioned above associated with owning and using a dewatering box.

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