The Roofers Colorado Springs Can Spot Needed Repairs

Most homeowners do not go up on their roof and inspect the roof for damage that will result in leaks. Leaks are not easily noticed until the damage caused by the water is visible. By this time, the damage is expensive to fix and black mold is growing which is a serious health hazard. An experienced roofing technician should inspect your roof for damage or trouble spots which developed over time.


There are several area of the roof the technician will look at. These areas are visible to the technician from Roofers Colorado Springs and he can spot problems that the homeowner wouldn’t if he went up on the roof. These areas are:

* Sealant which has dried and separated allowing water to seep into the attic and possibly the decking which would rot over time. Newly developed high tech sealant is available which is much more durable and resistant to the elements

* Flashing around the chimney can become worn and rusted which will also allow water to seep into the attic. Water will follow a roof support and run down into the area between the wall and the exterior sheathing.

* The Roof Cap is a vulnerable area because it covers a larger opening for ventilation. The wind can dislodge the shingles that are the cap and open up an area for rain to blow into the attic.

* The leak barrier is another place where the roofing can be dislodged and provide an area for leaks. Click here for more details.

* The starter strip shingles can easily become a problem when the wind blows them out of place. This can also allow ice dams to form.

Other problems are caused by shingles that are out of place which can allow water to get to the decking. Often, nails have popped out or have loosened enough to allow the shingles to move. If the technician from Roofers Colorado Springs goes up in the attic, he may see where water has leaked in and this will pinpoint leaks he might not see when he is on the roof. Water leaking into the home is not a small problem and the homeowner should do everything he can to prevent leaks. Aspen Roofing Inc. can help with roof repairs.


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