The right time to call a plumber

There are many little plumbing tasks around the house that can be handled by the homeowner; this is especially true because there are so many online tutorials available that walk you through changing a sink washer or unclogging the drain. Although there are things that fall neatly into the DIY category, there is a time when getting a professional plumber is the wise thing to do. Although some projects may appear quite simple on the surface, they are not and once you are well into it is no time to realize that you are in trouble, chances are you have caused more damage by this time and the costs will be higher.

Any project that requires a permit is a candidate for professional plumbers in Suffolk. If you are contemplating a complete renovation of your bathroom or kitchen and it includes relocating fixtures or adding new lines, then a permit will be required and as there are strict codes that must be followed, you are well advised to go with the pros.

Main line clogs: If you find that the toilet backs up into the tub or shower when it’s flushed then chances are there is a clog in the main drain leading from the house to the sewer on the street. In many cases the problem is tree roots growing into the pipe and it requires specialized equipment to clear them.

Water heaters: A water heater can be a tricky appliance to work on and it is not recommended that attempt any repairs as you most certainly will lack the experience and knowledge that plumbers in Suffolk have. There are a number of critical components in a water heater and what may appear to be a simple adjustment can easily end up causing a leak or worse.

Tub replacement: This is a big undertaking even for professional plumbers. It sounds easy; take one out and put one in but the issues are far more complex than that. This is not a project that even the handiest DIYer should tackle.

These are just a few examples of where professional plumbers should be called in but even the small projects are better off being handled by a pro, you may find that you will save time and money as the plumber has all the tools, perhaps you will have to buy them.

Calling in plumbers in Suffolk can often save considerable time, money and stress; Citywide Sewer & Drain can provide all the services you need and they are on call 24/7.

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