The Process to Get Out of Jail With a Bondsman in Oklahoma City

When a person in Oklahoma City is arrested by the police and taken to jail, the primary goal is to get out of jail as quickly as possible. A bondsman in Oklahoma City is usually the quickest way for defendants to get out of jail. Many wonder what they should do in order to get bailed out.

First of all, it is best to make a phone call from the jail as soon as possible. Ideally, that phone call should be made to a friend or family member that can financially guarantee the bail bond and is willing to guarantee the bail bond. The friend or family member would be the one to call the bondsman in Oklahoma City to arrange for the jail release. Alternatively, the defendant can call the bail bondsman directly. However, the bail bondsman will need to contact a friend or family member of the defendant to guarantee the bail. Keep in mind that phone calls from jail are not confidential. Do not talk about the details of any crime over the phone.

The friend or family member will work with the bondsman in Oklahoma City in order to guarantee the bail bond and pay the premium, which is the service fee for the Bondsman to bail someone out of jail. This fee is not refundable regardless of the outcome of the case. If the prosecutor decides that the defendant’s charges are dropped five minutes after the defendant gets out of jail, the fee is still not refundable. It is rare that something like that could occur. Although defendants need to consider that there is a chance that bail could be reduced or eliminated, that is not what usually happens. Jail is an unpleasant place. The bail bond premium is worthwhile to pay for most people.

After the bail bondsman makes all of the arrangements to get a defendant out of jail, that does not mean the defendant will get to leave within the next five minutes. Depending on the jail and how busy they are, it can take minutes or several hours to get out jail. Some defendants may have to be patient. There is nothing that a bail bondsman can do to speed up this process. But defendants should know that they will get their freedom very soon.

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