The Problem of Constantly Running Sump Pumps Connecticut

by | Jul 25, 2012 | Home Improvement

Many people get worried when they discover that their sump pumps are running constantly. They think that it may be an indication of a mechanical problem. However, constantly running sump pumps can be an indication of either a good thing or a bad thing. It is good if your sump pump is constantly running and all the time pumping water. This is a good indication that you chose the right pump capacity. When the capacity of sump pumps Connecticut is closely matched to the ground water, the pump will continue to pump water for an extended time.

However, even when the pump is pumping water continuously you ought to be concerned. If there is an increase in the amount of ground water that is flowing into the pit in which the pump has been located, you may find that the pump will become overwhelmed. In this case, the sump pump will not pump as effectively and the basement floor is likely to become flooded. The pump may finally fail as well.

When you discover that your pump is running constantly, you will need to determine if you ought to be concerned or not. There are several things to check on sump pumps Connecticut to ensure that your basement does not flood and your pump does not fail.

The first thing to check is if the pump is pumping water. If the pump is pumping water, then this is an indication that there is water in the pit and the pump may be working at maximum capacity to pump all the water out of the pit. If the pump is working and there is no water being pumped, you may require the assistance of a sump pump technician to investigate any mechanical problem.

Next, check if the pump is operating near its full capacity. Sump pumps may work constantly if their efficiency is impeded. There are many things that can impede the efficiency of a pump. It is important to check sump pumps for these factors to ensure that they are working effectively.
Sand and silt are often known to interfere with the workings of sump pumps Connecticut. Sand and silt are often present in the ground water that enters

the pit and is pumped. This may corrode the impeller of the pump making the pump ineffective over time. If the impeller is made of metal, there is a likelihood that it will corrode when in contact with murky water and therefore leave the pump without impellor vanes.

You should also check the discharge pipes for blockage or breakages. If you live in a cold area, ensure that the pipes and the pump parts are not frozen.

If yourSump Pumps Connecticut are running constantly, you ought to be concerned. Visit Rhodes pump services and find out how you can diagnose the problem.


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