The Nissan Murano Offers A New Take On An SUV

There are a lot of crossover SUVs on the market. Many of these vehicles tend to look the same, or at least have the same basic designs, styles, and features. An exception to the other SUVs on the market is the Nissan Murano in Newark, NJ.

The Murano stands out in the crowd due to its sporty, rugged-looking exterior. However, it is not boxy or heavy. Rather it looks like an SUV built for drivers that really love to drive. It is distinctive on the highways and city roads in Newark, NJ, which is what often first attracts car buyers.

The Interior Comfort

While the exterior may draw people to the Nissan Murano in Newark, NJ, the interior adds to the interest this SUV generates. The cabin is surprisingly large and roomy, and the rear seat reclines for passenger comfort. It is beautiful designed with curving lines that add to the look of the roomy and spacious cabin.

The rear bench seat can fold down, providing amply cargo room for anything you may want to haul. Passengers and the driver have access to several storage bins throughout the vehicle, all intuitive placed just where they are needed.

Infotainment System

The Nissan Murano in Newark, NJ comes with the NissanConnect infotainment system, which offers a standard eight-inch touchscreen. Both front and rear passengers have USB charging ports, and the vehicle offers navigation, SiriusXM and weather, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Of course, the Murano offers driver safety and driver assist features. Different trim and package options allow Newark, NJ, drivers to add more features and options at the time of purchase.

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