The New Face of Pet Resorts in Fort Lauderdale

As of August 2014, pet resorts in Fort Lauderdale have not been the same.  Business Name opened their doors after moving from Miami with dreams of bringing their love, care, and unparalleled dog boarding experience to the FTL area.

Furry Paws began in Miami with the philosophy that each dog should have a place to go as their own vacation place while their owners are away.  After 5 years of serving the dogs and owners of Miami, Furry Paws has moved right here to Fort Lauderdale to continue spreading the same service and care.
Fort Lauderdale pet resorts are an oasis of fun, stress-free playtime, socialization, cage-free independence, and, most important, love and attention from professionally trained staff.  That is what Furry Paws is all about inside and out!  Business Name strives to offer the best environment with shock-absorbing turf and an in-ground pool, the best entertainment with more toys than a dog could drool over and plenty of friends to play with, the best fun with agility equipment, hydrants, and staff to throw the ball more than could be dreamt of.

Business Name knows we would all rather be with our dogs everywhere we go, but it is not always possible.  Those times your dog cannot be at your side can now be filled with peace of mind for you and nothing but fun for your dog within the walls of this Fort Lauderdale pet resort.

Overnight dog boarding and dog daycare are both offered.  Whether away for a business trip or spending some late nights at the office, your pup will be sure to enjoy everything Business Name has to offer.  Your dog will receive the same love, attention, care, and affection he would at home, complete with all of his friends to romp around with!

This pet resort in Fort Lauderdale will always go above and beyond to ensure your dog receives the best experience each and every time.  Come see us for a tour on W. Sunset Boulevard!

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