The Most Common Reasons to Require an Emergency Plumber

Generally, plumbers perform maintenance work on homes and keep the pipes and drains in working order. In some cases, however, you might require an emergency plumber to handle a situation that has gotten out of hand. You should be aware of situations that could potentially turn into an emergency, so that you know when to call an expert to come in and take care of your home and what to do while you wait for your plumber to arrive.

Pipes Burst
Perhaps the most common plumbing emergency occurs when you have burst pipes. If you run into this type of situation, the first step is to call an experienced plumber. Next, you should attempt to limit the damage until the plumber arrives by locating the main water shutoff in your home and closing it. You should also turn the cold water taps on around your home, as this will drain the pipes and prevent further damage. When the emergency plumber arrives, he or she might have to remove a section of the pipe and replace it.

Pipes Freeze
In colder climates, water can freeze inside of your pipes and can eventually burst. After calling your plumber, you will want to close the house’s main shutoff to stop the flow of water to these pipes. If the pipe has not split completely, the plumber will attempt to thaw them. It is not a good idea to thaw these pipes on your own because it must be done extremely gently to prevent a complete break from occurring in the line.

Leaking Fixtures
Although they are less dangerous than burst or frozen pipes, leaky fixtures can cause damage within your home. If a fixture starts to leak around your home, you do not have to turn the house’s main valve off, but can simply turn off the valve that is attached to the fixture. There is a good chance that this leak has been caused by debris clogging your drains, so have a plumber visit your home to deal with the problem. The plumber will have a variety of different tools to use in this situation, which can alleviate the problem in a matter of minutes.

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