The Most Common Medical Supplies in Mystic, CT for Home Use

by | Jan 16, 2014 | Health Care

There are a wide range of medical supplies and equipment used in the home. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires you to order medical supplies in Mystic CT, it is important that you understand the ordering process. Your physician will give a prescription for the supplies and equipment you will need, and in most situations, the physician’s office will place the initial order with the medical supply company. However, you will be responsible for placing subsequent orders, and although the supply company will have a record of the prescription, you will need to verify each item. The majority of medical supplies will remain the same for each order, but if there are changes, it is important to verify them with the medical supply company. The following are the most common medical supplies you may need to order for home use.Wheelchairs are the most common medical supplies in Mystic CT.

There are several types of wheelchairs to choose, including manual or electric. If you are only expecting to use the wheelchair temporarily, most people order a manual wheelchair. In some situations, you may be able to rent a manual wheelchair from the medical supply company.Oxygen is also a common medical supply used in the home. Oxygen is a necessity for people who have breathing problems. There are several different types of oxygen supply equipment to choose from, such as a nebulizer or an oxygen tank. Oxygen tanks come in various sizes, and it is also important to have the correct type of delivery device for the oxygen. Delivery devices typically include a mask, which fits over the nose and mouth, or a cannula, which fits in the nose. Your physician will recommend which type will be the best suited for you.A bedside commode is also a common medical supply used in the home. These are pieces of equipment used by individuals who are unable to walk the distance to the nearest bathroom. It is important to order a commode that is comfortable for the user as well as easy to move from area to area and store when not in use.

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