The Most Common Electrical Problems

Of all the possible electrical problems, four of them are the most common. Power surges, circuits which are overloaded as well as intermittent power and redundant wiring can all cause serious electrical fires and should the homeowner or business owner identify one of these problems it needs to be addressed and corrected immediately. These are the types of problems that can be attended to by any company that provides basic electrical services in Chicago.

Intermittent power is invariably an electrical fault that can be traced to a loose connection somewhere in the circuit. It is not difficult to trace the root of the problem, check the cable from the power consumer back to the plug looking for any sign of premature wear or damage which might have exposed one of the conductors. If the problem is not in the cable it will be the connection point on the appliance.

Of all the basic electrical services in Chicago one cannot be corrected at the level of the consumer; this is a power surge. A power surge is any sudden increase in power; this can be traced back to the utility company that provides the power. A power surge will often overload the circuit and cause the breaker to trip, cutting power to the affected appliance or the entire building.

Over the years a home may have numerous owners, no one knows exactly what might have been done by owners other than themselves. It is quite common for a homeowner to revise a circuit or add to it. Not all the wires are used; this of course results in live wires which possibly have not been terminated properly with a cap. Contractors that provide basic electrical services in Chicago can trace all the wires in a home to ensure that there is no redundant wiring.

Each circuit is sized to accept a certain amount of power, an overloaded circuit can occur when additional outlets are added to an existing circuit. A problem often occurs when multiple appliances are operating and drawing power all at the same time. The current demand is such that the wires carrying the power heat up, this can result in fires or blown fuses or circuit breakers. If you are contemplating adding additional outlets it is always wise to have an electrician add a totally new circuit or to correct the circuit to ensure the loads are balanced.

Penco Generators, Inc offer basic electrical services in Chicago. The skilled technicians can upgrade your circuitry, troubleshoot and repair problems, correct any code violations and much more.

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