The Many Uses of Chocolate Get at Hanukkah

Hanukkah is the most widely celebrated Jewish holiday of all the holidays. When the Jews first started celebrating this holiday back in the 1800s, it was common practice for children to gift their teachers with gold pennies and the children were gifted with delicious chocolate. Today, the tradition continues in the form of delicious chocolate gelt, or kosher chocolate. There are a variety of ways to include this tradition in your Hanukkah celebrations, including as a centerpiece, as favors or as decorations.


One of the most widely recognized centerpieces of this Jewish holiday is the menorah. The beautiful candle centerpiece sets the mood for the room and the holiday. Many people light the candles on each night of Hanukkah. When you are entertaining your friends and family during this holiday, you can further the decorations by including various other Jewish trinkets, such as dreidels, gold coins and chocolate gelt, to enhance the centerpiece and use as small gifts for the children.


If you are entertaining a large crowd for Hanukkah, it is always a nice token to give them something to take home to remember the evening. Even if you exchange gifts during your celebrations, a small item to take home, similar to a favor you would receive at a wedding, is a nice touch. Chocolate gelt is the perfect choice because you can have it out in a pretty dish and let guests take their own as they leave or you can package it in pretty boxes or mesh bags to hand out.


Chocolate gelt can also be used to enhance various decorations around your room. If you have a Star of David, you can hang the gelt from the star as a treat for the kids at your celebration. You can also use it to fill blue ball ornaments and hand out to guests or even use as small gifts for your loved ones during this holiday.

Chocolate gelt makes a perfect accent to your Hanukkah celebrations. Whether you use it as part of your gifts, adorning the wrapped presents you are giving out, or as favors for your guests, it is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who receives this kosher delight. Because everyone enjoys gourmet chocolate, you can also use it to enhance your centerpiece or as part of your decorations around your home. Your guests will delight in being able to have a small treat that has the meaning of the holiday behind it.

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