The Many Advantages of Lift Chairs in New Haven County CT

Lift chairs in New Haven County CT are a helpful accessory for anyone with mobility challenges that make it tough to get out of your chair from a seated position or to sit down in your chair from a standing position. In some cases, it is caused by a lack in muscle strength or pain. Regardless of why you have trouble sitting down or getting up, a lift chair is a beneficial tool for senior citizens because it allows them their independence and the ability to remain comfortable while staying in their home.

What Is It?

In most cases, a lift chair looks similar to any other reclining chair, but it also has an electric motor that is powerful enough to gently and slowly move the entire chair into a near-standing position, allowing you to stand up all the way with little effort on your part. It also works reversely; you can have it in a near-standing position, sit down, and let it gently guide you into a fully seated position.

The Benefits

The biggest concern most people have is the fear that they won’t be able to get out of the chair to use the restroom or get to the phone. It can be a challenge as you get older to find that you can’t easily get out of a chair like you once could. It can also be dangerous to try and get out of a chair if you’ve got poor balance or poor muscle strength. The last thing you need is to worry that you’ll fall while trying to get up out of a chair; you could severely hurt yourself or break something.

Plus, being able to get out of a chair on your own is a good indication that you can still live at home with little supervision from a nurse or companionship aid. For more information visit Wilson Furniture.

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