The Importance of Professional Animal Control in Westerville OH for Wildlife on Residential Property

Possums, raccoons and skunks have their importance in the world of wildlife, but homeowners typically don’t want these critters taking up residence in the yard. Professional animal control in Westerville OH provides humane removal service so property owners don’t have to try cage-trapping and moving the wildlife on their own. Those animals can become scared and nasty when they are trapped, and being bitten is a distinct risk.

Preventing Intrusion in the Yard

The property owners can prevent further intrusions by wild animals by adding some protective barriers around the property and eliminating attractants. Fencing that is not easy to climb helps deter critters, except for squirrels and others that will climb across tree branches from one yard to another. If raccoons and skunks have been attracted to a wood pile in the yard, that wood can be securely covered. If the material is for a wood stove, the property owner might buy or construct a small shed to keep it in.

Preventive Measures for the Building

Preventive measures are even more important when a wild animal has gotten into the house. Most commonly, this happens in attics. The household residents start to hear scurrying noises up there, particularly after dark. Bats that move into an attic may one day be seen in the lower levels of the home. Of all the wildlife, these creatures are the most likely to transmit rabies to humans or their pets.

Workers from an organization such as The Wildlife Control Company can safely remove those animals and do any necessary cleanup of the waste that has been left behind. Securing the building so animals can no longer get in is essential. Information on this organization can be seen at

Removal of Dead Wildlife

Workers with animal control in Westerville OH also can remove dead wildlife from the property. This is especially important if the property owner is unfamiliar with the animal. If the problem is a rabbit that used to live in the yard but was hit by a car, the property owner may decide to pick it up with a shovel and bury it. If this is an unfamiliar raccoon or skunk, however, the possibility of disease is more likely.

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