The Importance of Prayer in Prophecy

One of the most important things that a prophet does is prayer. Since a prophet serves the lord, they are in-tune with how they should pray to be the most effective. He will have a sense of where and why prayer is needed, and he will constantly pray to better people and things in the world based on God’s word. When people feel wayward in their lives, or when they need to improve their level of spirituality, they automatically seek out a prophet to pray for their needs. A prophet can use his divine powers of prophecy to give these people the fulfillment that they need by speaking to God through prayer and conveying the messages back to those that they are praying for. Sign up for Free Church email marketing newsletters to get updated information from well-known prophets who have powerful abilities. There are a number of online prophetic ministries that offer this service.

Interpreting the Words of God

God’s messages may not come immediately. When a prophet prays to God, he may have to be patient and wait until God responds. God is sovereign, so we cannot contact him so that he can speak at will. It is a prophet’s job to understand God’s will, so that they can bring those messages to the people on earth. Prophetic prayer is extremely important, because it is a prophet’s way of directly communicating with Jesus Christ our lord.

Prophetic Prayer for Those Who Are Suffering

Those who suffer often feel as if they need spiritual guidance to get through whatever it is that they are suffering from. A prophet is often called to these people, so that they can pray with and for them. A prophet will have great compassion, and they will be able to empathize with suffers so that they can deliver god’s response, even if the answer may be hard to hear. Prophecy is not about getting all good news for the future like you would most likely receive from a fortune teller. They may tell the future, but it is more designed to help people to grow both spiritually and emotionally. Even though prophets are chosen by God, they may suffer as well from time to time. Many ostracize them in society, and they have a big job on their shoulders. Prophecy is powerful, but modern prophets are human as well and the readings may take a toll on them as well. Prayer is so important for them to overcome this.

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