The Importance of Hiring Civil engineers in Gulfport MS

Civil engineers impact our lives in numerous ways. They are responsible for designing the roads, bridges, water, and energy systems that we use everyday. In addition, civil engineers deign and build railways and airports. With such massive responsibilities, the importance of choosing high quality, experienced Civil engineers in Gulfport MS is painfully apparent.

Because of the nature of civil engineering, most projects will require approval from a local government entity. Depending on the scale of the project, this could progress to state or federal approval as well. When selecting a civil engineer for your project, it is important to select a candidate that is experienced in submitting plans to these entities. The engineer should be adept at preparing construction drawings, but also knowledgeably at maneuvering through the regulatory process of the local municipalities.

Always check references on Civil engineers in Gulfport MS that you are considering hiring for a project. A reputable engineer will provide recent references. As a potential customer, you should feel free to speak with the former clients and ask questions about the outcome of the project and the engineer’s ability to stay within budget. If the project involves approval from a government agency, they will require that the civil engineer is licensed. This requires a Professional Engineer’s license from the state of Mississippi. The Mississippi Board of Licensure provides this link,, for the public to use to verify license status. This site can also be used to check for recent disciplinary actions against a civil engineer.

Furthermore, an upstanding civil engineer will always provide current certificates of insurance. The insurance should include general liability, workers compensation, and professional liability. In the case of an accident or an error in the engineers work, these insurance policies will protect you from having a liability in the matter.

When searching for a civil engineer, cost should never be used as the sole determining factor. Oneal-Bond Engineering is an experienced civil engineering firm that is insured, licensed, and reputable in the local community. With the high amount at stake and the public depending on safe, stable structures, your choice of civil engineers should be well researched and disciplined. Hiring the right civil engineer will lead to a smooth, smartly designed, and highly functional project.

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