The Importance of Heat Treatment Techniques in the Aerospace Industry

Believe it or not, the aerospace industry has been in existence for over a century. Since that time, technology has been improving at a very rapid rate. The term aerospace is used to describe numerous industries including airplanes, spacecraft, military craft, and more. All of these machines are made up of parts that need to be heat treated. Here are some facts about aerospace heat treatment.

Why Is Heat Treatment Important?

The aerospace industry makes machinery which is made up of parts crafted from many different materials. All of these materials need to be fastened together and hold up under instances of extreme stress and temperature changes. Heat treatment is the best way to make sure this happens. One type of heat treatment, called brazing, is one of the most commonly used forms of heat treatment. It works by joining parts together with a steel or other metal alloy that has a lower melting point than the materials being joined. The liquified metal seeps into the vacant spaces and thus joins the pieces together in an incredibly sturdy fashion.

Using Furnaces

There are also special types of furnaces used that can aid in the practice of aerospace heat treatment. These furnaces are used to meet very strict specifications that companies have in place. Oftentimes, the needed for specific treatments can only be reached by using these types of furnaces.

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