The Importance of Chain Slings for Rigging Equipment

Chain slings are a vital piece of equipment that is used when lifting and operating heavy machinery. They help to evenly distribute the weight of the lifted item, putting less strain on your equipment. Rigging supplies in CT are very beneficial to those who operate heavy machinery on a daily basis. If the slings are cared for correctly, they can last for years on end. There are two types of chain slings on the market are mechanical and welded. Mechanical chain slings are made from alloy components such as hammerlocks. These attach the chain to a hook, which can then be attached to the necessary hook or link. Welded chain hooks are attached directly to the hook, and they cannot be removed. If a welded chain goes bad, then you will need to purchase an entire new hook and sling.

Chain Slings Are Extremely Versatile

Chain slings are very versatile. The chains can be adjusted to meet your requirements, and they can be used for all types of applications and purposes. If you are operating an indoor crane, then you don’t want a chain that is longer than your room space. Mechanical chain slings are very beneficial to those who lift various types of heavy equipment. Some hooks are better than others for certain jobs, and by purchasing a mechanical chain sling you can interchange your hooks if and when you change applications.

What Can Be Lifted With A Chain Sling?

Chain slings can be used to lift a number of things. You can attach ropes and pulleys to them to lift crates and wooden boxes, or you can place the hooks directly onto lifting chains to lift metal and heavy machinery. Almost anything can be lifted by using a chain sling along with proper rigging equipment.

However, it is vital that you get the right sling for your intended usage, and you must ensure that the equipment is safe at all times. A number of accessories and add-ons can be purchased to work with the slings, so you will be able to use them for every type of purpose imaginable. Get in touch with Bilco Wire Rope & Supply Corp. for more details!

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