The Importance of Breast Mastitis Treatment in New Jersey

Mastitis is a painful condition that occurs in a nursing woman’s breasts. It can occur any time after childbirth when a woman chooses to nurse but is most common during the first few postpartum months. The condition is painful, as well as debilitating, making it necessary for women to understand when to seek breast mastitis treatment New Jersey.


There are a variety of symptoms that occur with mastitis, but each case varies. The first sign almost anyone recognizes in this condition is redness and tenderness to the breasts. A woman might notice her breasts also feel hot. What a lactating woman might not realize is the sick feeling she has had was a symptom of this condition. It is normal to have feelings similar to those of the flu and some even spike a fever around 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

Seek Medical Attention

As soon as you suspect this condition, it is important to see your doctor for breast mastitis treatment in New Jersey. The condition is typically treatable, but you need to see your doctor as soon as possible or the condition can get worse. More often than not, antibiotics are prescribed because they are an effective way of killing the infection. Your doctor will perform a physical examination, as well as talk to you about your symptoms, to determine the best level of treatment. Typically, antibiotics have you feeling better within a few days.

Common Reasons

The most common reason women obtain this condition is from a blocked milk duct. This can occur from inconsistent feedings or not completely emptying the breasts when you do feed. It can also occur when you have a scratch or crack in your nipples that allow bacteria from your baby’s mouth to enter your breast.

Breast mastitis treatment in New Jersey is an easy treatment when you seek it right away. Anytime you feel as if something is not right with your breasts or you begin to feel as if you have the flu, it is time to seek medical attention. A simple prescription of antibiotics is typically all it takes, but it is important to take them as prescribed. Women who let this condition go could put their health and wellness at risk. Many women who do not seek treatment end up with an abscess in their breast that needs to be drained or even surgically removed.

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