The Importance of Asphalt Millings in Norwich CT

Upon close inspection, the majority of Asphalt Millings in Norwich CT will appear the same; however, there are a number of differences present when strength is being considered. The asphalt millings are types of extremely fine particles that look like dust and consisting of bitumen as well as other inorganic substances that are placed when put through the actual grinding machine. In most cases Asphalt Millings in Norwich CT will contain approximately seven percent of the asphalt, which is used as a binder for the remaining materials that are used including stone, sand, rock or silt. The actual asphalt millings are created due to the grinding of the bituminous paving of any concrete surface, which creates the small particles that are then utilized.

Primary Uses for Asphalt Millings in Norwich CT

In many cases, asphalt millings are used for a residential driveway as they offer an effective method to keep dust at a minimum, but provides a strength that will last for a number of years. However, asphalt millings may also be used as a type of sub-base when placed beneath a paved road. When a binder is added to the asphalt millings, it can also be used as a type of surface material, which will ensure that the millings retain their position.

There are many cases where the asphalt millings are used for the repaving and repair of parking lots, however a large amount of adhesive will have to be used to ensure proper application. When this method is used, the adhesive is mixed and then a hot roller piece of equipment will be used for the setting of the applied asphalt millings. When the surface is rolled, the surface will remain flat. This solution offers an affordable way for many cities to fill in potholes on the road in a safe and effective manner.

If you have a parking lot or driveway that needs repair, The Driveway Guys of CT may be able to use asphalt millings to provide you with this service. This will offer you an affordable alternative to the traditional methods that are used. Call them today to find out more.

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