The Freightliner Parts Store in Wichita Can Provide Any Part You Need

America moves many products by trucks across every highway and road in the country. There are 10,500 trucks on the roads everyday moving 71 percent of the nation’s freight. Eighty percent of U.S. consumers receive their goods by truck. The number of trucks on the highway is expected to be 22,700 trucks a day or an increase of 25 percent by the year 2035, if not sooner. In 10 years, an additional 1.8 million trucks will be available to travel the roads. Kevin Jones of the Trucker Newspaper has identified these statistics to show how important the trucking industry is to our American way of life.

With the number of trucks expected to be on our highways in a few years, the truck part business will be very important to the trucking industry. Freightliner Parts are available for every repair requirement and every brand of truck. An idle truck is lost money and it will possibly result in a missed delivery date. The repair parts you need can be shipped immediately if they are needed quickly. There are very few parts that we cannot get.

One of the best practices that a trucking company can adopt is to keep a supply of the most commonly used repair or replacement parts in its inventory. Freightliner Parts can help a trucking company determine which parts for any model truck may be required for replacement. For example, good maintenance practices dictate that certain brake parts will be changed on a regular schedule as will many other parts. Keeping these parts on hand will save time and money.

The trucking industry is growing and the spare or repair parts business will need to grow with it. This will be a real challenge in the future ,because the amount of trucks on the road in 10 years could be twice the number that are on the road today. It may be difficult for parts manufacturers to keep up. However, the Freightliner parts business in Wichita, KS will keep up with the demand.

Our services are established to supply you with the highest quality parts with the fastest delivery time at the lowest possible cost. Visit us at Truck Parts & Equipment, Inc.


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