The Family Dentist in Redding For The Whole Family

When you are looking for a Family Dentist in Redding for the entire family, you will not find a better dentistry practice than that of Drs. Moore and Pascarella. Their office utilizes the latest dental technology and know how to makes smiles happen on each and every one of their many patients. These doctors know how important dental health is and make sure every aspect of their practice reflects this mission. They are indeed, what a Family Dentist in Redding should be.

In addition to the dedication of these two dentists, they employ a skilled and experienced dental team to assist them in their work. Each member of their team is trained to use the latest advances in dentistry with both kindness and patience. The entire practice makes sure to offer options and extras that make for the total comfort and confidence of their patients. It is with this atmosphere that the best results of treatment can be obtained.

Your entire family from the youngest to the oldest member can benefit from seeing a family dentist on a regular schedule. First and foremost is making that appointment for a routine cleaning. This is of great important for both children and adults. To set a good example for your children, let them accompany you to one of your own dental outings. Here they will see that you have no fear of anything and they should not as well.

After an appointment with the dental hygienist, each person should be seen by the dentist for an examination. To further assist the dentist in detecting dental decay and other problems, a set of digital x rays will be taken. This is necessary for the dental team to see what is going on beyond what the naked eye can see.

If there is tooth decay, a filling can be made for that tooth. However, today’s dental fillings are nothing like the metal work of old. Porcelain fillings not only fill the gap but blend into teeth. No one will ever know there was a filling added to your mouth. It will be something that only you and your dentist know for sure.

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