The Different Types Of Window Materials

With the variety of windows that are available today it can be difficult to choose the right one for your specific application. When people discuss windows in Schaumburg they are really talking about the frame material, however, there are also choices in glazing. Single pane windows are available but they do not have the advantages that double paned windows have. Although windows fitted with a single pane of glass are less expensive to purchase, they do not have the same insulation qualities which in the long run will normally save the difference in initial cost due to lower energy bills. Double pane glass is also far better at keeping out noise from traffic and other outdoor activities.

The three basic materials used for windows in Schaumburg are aluminum, vinyl and wood.

  • Aluminum windows: Aluminum windows are rarely used for residential installations any more but they are still suitable for many commercial installations. Although aluminum is quite strong, it is a terrible insulator, the material is cold when the temperature dips and hot when the temperature rises. Aluminum windows are a good choice when the requirement is strength.

  • Vinyl windows: Vinyl windows are the most common windows used in new homes and for replacement purposes. Vinyl windows provide high value and low cost, it has tremendous resistance to heat and cold transfer and it is a great insulator. Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free and are available in every type.

  • Wood windows: Wood windows are still the choice of many homeowners, especially those with period homes where maintaining the original appearance is important. Wood is a reasonable insulator, certainly better than aluminum but not as good as vinyl and of course, wood windows do require periodic maintenance.

All windows have their own unique pros and cons; it is up to the homeowner, in cooperation with a knowledgeable window supplier to make the best choice for the application.

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