The Differences Between A Window And Split Air Conditioner

There are significant differences between a window air conditioner in New Braunfels and a ductless split type. When you understand these differences you will be better armed with information when you go to make your purchase.

A window air conditioner is probably the most popular type of unit there is, and there are many good reasons for their popularity; however efficiency, versatility and operating convenience may not be amongst them. The best feature of a window air conditioner is its price, they are by far the least expensive and they are simple to install in a window or in a prepared hole through a wall. Window air conditioners are simple to operate and there are manufacturers who are known for making very quiet units and other features making them more convenient.

As a window air conditioner obviously needs a window to be installed in means that there will be less light coming from that window. The air conditioner has to have physical dimensions that suit the window size and there will be a gap left above and perhaps on the side that needs to be filled. Often wood is used to seal these gaps but that reduces light again and is rather unsightly. Another potential down-side of a window air conditioner is the security risk. There is not a lot holding the air con in place and taking it out from the outside, depending on the location of course, is not all that difficult.

A ductless split air conditioner in New Braunfels is far less expensive to acquire and install than whole house central air conditioning but it still requires a professional to do the installation. A ductless split unit has; as the name implies, two major components. The outdoor unit houses the condenser while smaller cooling units which are “zones” are mounted indoors. The zones are mounted where they will provide maximum cooling and they can be mounted on any interior wall. There is no need for a window. There are some units available where the exterior compressor feeds two zones, perhaps two totally different rooms or two units in a large space. There are some split units which also double as a heater as well as a cooling device.

A split air conditioner is not suitable if you are a tenant as the installation is intrusive. They are however, a good investment if you own the home. They do not require any ducting; they are more efficient than window units, are much quieter and are remotely controlled.

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