The Dew Point’s Relevance to Air Conditioning in North Fort Myers, FL.

The Gulf Coast is known for hot, muggy weather during the summer. People might chat with each other about the weather, making comments about how it’s not the temperature that is so bothersome but rather the humidity. Central air conditioning in North Fort Myers, FL, is expected by nearly all residents for their homes so they can stay comfortable.

Dew Point and Humidity

While some men and women talk about humidity, others refer to the dew point. Not everyone understands the difference between these terms, but it’s important for determining when the weather will be decidedly muggy.

The dew point refers to the temperature at which the air is fully saturated with moisture. This means it has 100-percent relative humidity. When the dew point reaches 65 or higher, that’s when the air feels sticky and almost damp. The humidity, however, might be relatively low, perhaps at only 55 percent.

Warmer air is better able to hold water vapor, which is why the air feels progressively muggier the hotter the temperature gets. It becomes obvious why area residents insist on having central air conditioning in North Fort Myers, FL.

Summer Weather

Summer weather here lasts a long time each year, usually from early May through early October. The average daily high temperature in those months is 87 degrees or higher. The dew point is considered oppressive throughout this entire time. When the central air conditioning malfunctions or should be replaced, skilled technicians can do the work. Residents may call Suncoast Cooling & Heating LLC after viewing information.

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