The Dentists in Tulsa OK Can Treat Your Gum Disease

Gum disease can occur if you neglect having dental care or do not take the proper oral hygiene steps to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy. Gum disease may start off as a minor condition, but it can quickly progress and cause massive damage to your smile. This is why it is crucial you seek care from the Dentists Tulsa OK as soon as you notice any signs of gum disease. When gum disease is found early, it can often be easily treated. The longer you wait to seek treatment, the more advanced the disease becomes.

  • Gingivitis is the first gum condition you will experience. It is marked by red, swollen and irritated gum tissue. Gingivitis occurs when plaque and food debris are pushed under the edges of your gums, causing irritation to the tissue. Gingivitis is completely reversible, if it is treated properly. Practicing good oral hygiene and using a medicated mouth rinse can quickly improve the health of your gum tissue, so the disease does not progress. Unfortunately, many people overlook the symptoms of gingivitis and it progresses into periodontal disease, which is much more difficult to treat.
  • If your gum disease progresses, periodontal disease will set in. This causes massive swelling and inflammation in your gums. It also leads to pain, bleeding and pus. When this condition progresses, pockets of infection form around your teeth. This causes the roots to begin to show and can cause them to eventually fall out. To treat periodontal disease will take time and effort. The dentist will treat you with antibiotics and may perform laser surgery, to reduce the inflamed gum tissue. With ongoing treatments, your teeth may be able to be saved.

If you have any of the signs of gum disease, you need to seek treatment from the Dentists Tulsa OK right away. They will do all they can, to treat your condition and reverse the damage. For more information on the many dental services they can offer you, visit us Through their services, you can achieve a healthy and beautiful smile, so you do not have to worry about dental health concerns.

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