The Dentists in Annapolis Can Restore Your Smile

Smile restoration services often involve replacing teeth that have been lost. Natural teeth may be lost because of gum disease, decay or injury. Since missing teeth can cause issues with proper chewing and with feeling confident, many people seek replacement through dental implants. A dentist can fully restore a person’s smile, no matter how many teeth they are missing.

Dental implants consist of two parts. The first part is the metal anchor. This is made of titanium and provides the base for the tooth. The second part is the implant tooth. This artificial tooth is made to look just like a natural tooth and can perform as a normal tooth would. The Dentists in Annapolis will first need to perform the surgical procedure for placement of the metal anchor.

Titanium is the only metal that can bond with bone tissue. Using a titanium anchor ensures the anchor will become one with the bone and be strong enough to ensure normal function can be experienced. The bonding process takes a few months to be accomplished. Most people are able to experience full bonding within six months of their surgery.

Once the bonding process is done, the Dentists in Annapolis will have the patient come back in for placement of their teeth. This is the most anticipated part of the process since the patient finally gets to see how their new smile will look.

Placement of the teeth takes time since each one is placed at a certain angle and depth. This helps to guarantee the smile will look natural, and the bite will be normal. Once the teeth are in place, they can last for a lifetime as long as they are properly cared for.

Having a smile restoration procedure can make a big difference in how a person is able to eat and how they feel about their appearance. Though the process takes time, most people feel it is well worth it.

To learn more about dental implants or other dental procedures, Click Here and visit Through their expert dental services, your smile can be fully restored, so it looks beautiful.

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