The Cost Of Wedding Photography – What Are You Paying For?

What is a wedding without a photographer? While many people focus on the importance of the food, the DJ and the ceremony, it does not pay to neglect the photographer. This, not Uncle Bob’s amateur attempts, is the official record of the event. Yet, with hiring a photographer come added expenses.

In NJ, wedding photography prices may seem high. This is a common complaint across the country. This is one reason why you need to discuss the cost well before the wedding. You also must make sure it is in writing and signed by all concerned parties. It is important that everyone agree not only to a price but to what the photographer is going to do and what he or she plans to deliver.

What Prices May Include

If you are planning wedding photography in NJ, prices may include a variety of things. The photographers usually offer package deals. They may also customize something to suit your specific needs. In general, photography prices are set to include any or all of the following items:

  • Photographs: a set of photographs is the usual reason people hire wedding photographers. Make sure you list exactly what type of shots you want e.g. stylized, candid, portraits, pre and post wedding, engagement. Do you want or expect extra prints or an album comprised of certain types and number

  • Time Spent: You are paying for the time the photographer expects or will spend taking the shots. Make sure the contract states specifically how many hours of service the photographer will provide. Understand the length of time he or she says is devoted to onsite photograph taking on the wedding day. More hours means higher costs.

  • Editing: A good photographer takes excellent shots, yet this does not mean you will get everything nor would you want to. If you want a professional album, the photographer will have to spend time editing it. This will take time and cost money. The photographer takes this cost into consideration when he or she tells you the price.

Part of the Package

When you hire a professional photographer, you are paying for more than pictures. You are paying for memories. As such, while the photography prices may seem high, you need to remember you are paying for the job to be executed with skill, creativity and sensitivity. To obtain this, you require a skilled and experienced photographer. In other words, you are paying for a photographer’s expertise and experience. You may also have to allow for the cost of the photographer’s meal at the wedding. Yet, overall, when it comes to prices, getting the pictures you want is truly priceless.

If you live Photography Prices may seem overpriced. If, however, you are looking for quality that matches the prices charged, consider what Limelight Entertainment Wedding Photography can offer.

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